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Most southerly provence of The Netherlands

The equestrian industry is one of the largest economic sectors in Limburg. With its location right at the centre of international equestrian sports, high-quality infrastructure with several airports closeby, extensive specialist knowledge about horses and equestrian sports, good events and the best facilities, Limburg offers a perfect home base for many people.

World Equestrian Festival CHIO Aachen, major competitions at Tops International Arena in Valkenswaard and the World Breeding Jumping Championships for young horses in Lanaken are just a stone’s throw away and our professional horse transport companies transport thousands of horses all over the world.

With this portal you can have a look inside a powerfull equestrian top region.

Facts & Figures

  • 116.500 horselovers
  • 14.000 weekly riders
  • 33.000 horses
  • 1.500 foals each year
  • 1.200 stables
  • 4 national coaches
  • 250 official competitions
  • Annual turnover € 175 million
  • Employment for 1.100 people
  • € 88 million investment in upcoming 5 years


To strengthen the position of Limburg as an international equestrian hotspot and boost the equestrian economy and sports, joint investments are being made. Together with its 25 cooperation partners, the Limburg Equestrian Sport Foundation focuses on the total development of the sector.
In coöperation with regional and local governments; businesses; associations; education and training institutions, suppliers and tourism agencies Limburg Equestrian Sport chases the equestrian dynamic in the region. Limburg Equestrian Sport has a big network, makes connections and helps with start-ups. In 2018 we organized our first trade mission to the FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon.

At the end of each year we organise the Limburg Equestrian Sport Gala, where the Limburg Equestrian Sport Awards are presented. It’s a very exceptional evening for all involved. All who are passionate about horses come together to meet up in a festive ambiance at Jumping Indoor Maastricht and have a good dinner alternated with special shows and entertainment.

Board members

Jan Janssen


Herman Vrehen

Secretary and Treasurer

Paul Hendrix

Board Member

Ellen Laeven

Board Member

Geert van Wijlick

Board Member

Peter van de Pas

Board Member

Jan Rensen

Board Member


Cissy Schuring

Manager Limburg Equestrian Sport

Sport & Events

In this region active efforts are being made to strenghten sport programmes, facilities and enhance talent development. We are working together on a province-wide network of equestrian riding and driving routes with already 1600 kilometers available.

We have many succesfull equestrian athletes and trainers and the climate is perfect. That’s why all year round equestrian sport can be practiced here.

Together with equestrian sports providers and primary schools, introductory equestrian sports activities are organised especially for children. National coach Rob Ehrens has started a National Talent Centre for Jumping.

With Jumping Indoor Maastricht (4*), an internationally renowned event, equestrian sports in Limburg is at the top of international competitions. Limburg also holds a number of other prestigious events like the international showjumping at Equestrian Centre De Peelbergen and the international carriage driving and eventing competitions at Grandorse. We are looking forward to the FEI World Championships four-in-hand in 2020 at Grandorse, definitely all these top events are sure to make for a great trip!


Trade & Breeding

Many award-winning horses throughout the world come from Limburg. Our breeding farms are in full development and here the best foals are born. The Animal Embryo Centre in Maria-Hoop puts Limburg on the international map in terms of innovative propagation techniques in horse breeding.

In North and Central Limburg in particular, there is a great deal of trade in jumping horses. Riders and traders from the United States and the Middle and Far East are very often welcomed guests.

The Dutch Sport Horse Sales, Limburg Foal Auction and Equine Elite are global wellknown auctions.


Horse Mirror

Together with stakeholders, a special networking and knowledge platform for entrepreneurs has been developed. Each year they come together to meet up and exchange knowledge and experiences to improve their businesses.

In collaboration with the sector, CITAVERDE College and HAS University of Applied Sciences we establish better alignment between equine education and the demand from the sector. Our ambition is to realize an international equestrian education centre for youngsters, entrepreneurs, staff members and collaborators.


Enjoy life and your passion for horses in the most southerly province of The Netherlands! Experience its warm hospitality, be surprised by its culture, and delight in its exceptional natural beauty. An unforgettable experience guaranteed with the charm of foreign countries ‘next door’!

Limburg has stunning surroundings, beautiful old villages and elegant towns and cities with unlimited opportunities for short and long stay. A special place where north and south meet, the crossroads of three countries that together make up the Euregion, the place where it’s hard to believe you’re still on Dutch soil, this is the place where you’ll find Maastricht. A city to fall in love with, hometown of famous musician André Rieu and Jumping Indoor Maastricht.

If you are looking for a new location for your stable, Grandorse in the northern part of Limburg offers interesting lots. This area is completely organised with equestrian top facilities.

Trade Mission

Limburg is a mecca for equestrian sport. To strenghten this position we organised a trade mission for stakeholders to the FEI World Equestrian Games in Tryon (USA) in 2018. Together we travelled to Tryon and had several parent goals for our region to work out.

Our second trade mission was headed to Florida (USA) in March 2020. We traveled to Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington and to the World Equestrian Centre which is under construction in Ocala. To discuss new equestrian initiatives and collaborations for our region.

We are looking forward to organise and facilitate trade missions from and to our region. Interested? Please contact us.

Informatie bijeenkomst Trade Mission

Attendees trade mission to Florida, March 2020

Van Santvoort
Sander Kleikers
Marli Hommel


The equestrian industry is with an economic interest of 175 million a year, one of the largest economic sectors of Limburg. Due to the rapid development of the sector in this region, partners of Limburg Equestrian Sport Foundation collaborate in the Equestrian Advisory Group.

The Equestrian Advisory Group provides entrepreneurs, associations and municipalities unique knowledge that is important for the development of the equestrian business or sports locations in the region.

The group offers:

  • Three information sessions each year;
  • Demand-oriented facilitation of individual board sessions for entrepreneurs, associations and municipalities;
  • A monthly newsletter about actual issues and developments

Register now by sending an e-mail to info@limburgpaardensport.com. The costs for receiving the monthly newsletter and access to the information meetings are EUR 12,50 each month.

Advies groep Advies groep Advies groep


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